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Lots of white guys descend on Patong to rent the local bar girls. It's shocking if you haven't seen it before, but I have no problem with prostitution (except in cases where the sex workers are physically or emotionally abused or exploited). Thailand is in a rough place right now, and sex tourism brings in a lot of money they wouldn't otherwise have. And honestly it's not all about sex - the bar girls in Phuket are a blast to party with for men or women, gay or straight. Yes, the older white guys with the young Thai girls is such a cliche, and there are SO many of them, but whatever... It's not much different from Vegas, Paris, Amsterdam, etc.
Added on Jun 17, 2010 by pattayapete
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  horneblower  paulhorne  phuket  patong  bargirls  prostitution 
  Thailand   Bangkok   Pattaya / Thailand  
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